In this day and age, with technological break-throughs happening daily, and tech start ups becoming the new American Dream, there is a sense of adventure coupled with the pride of progress as we enter the dawn of the age of Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Drones, Automated Cars, and more. All of these technological tools are designed to make our lives easier, and more connected as human beings, but is that what technology is doing and at what cost?

You only have to look at smart phones to see the pros and cons, and then ask one self, is it worth it? Yes we get to communicate instantly by call or text, even see each other’s faces, like on the Jetson’s or Star Trek. The Future is here, and we need to come to terms with the costs as well as the benefits. For example, is it healthy for our youth to spend a majority of their day with their eyes glued to cell phone, tablet and computer screens, missing out the bigger picture of real life as it passes by them?

It may sound like I am anti-technology to some of you, but technology itself is neutral. It is our attitude and approach to it that makes it either a tool for progress or a weapon of destruction. In this blogs series, we will explore both sides of the question to find answers that could affect our future and our children’s children’s future. That is why I encourage us all to take the Heart Centered approach to issues of Trans Humanism, like Cybernetics, Robotics, Bioengineering, Cloning, Artificial Intelligence and other technological advancements. When one understands the implications of ‘The Singularity’, then one can see the gravity of such an undertaking. As Stephen Hawking was quoted recently: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”

In this HCT blog we are going to tackle all the subjects that are important to the evolution of humanity regarding the high tech explosion. We are going to explore and expose some of the real issues, like the bottom line mentality of ‘Profits over People’, which is not a heart centered approach. Yes, companies need to be profitable, that is the bottom line, but there was a time when serving people, through goods and services was the main motivating factor and is what made good business good. This business approach was celebrated in the best seller In Search of Excellence, published in 1982. But sometime in the later 80’s there was a shift from a people pleasing focus, as in “the customer is always right” to a more bottom dollar profit margin mentality under Reaganomics and beyond.

Heart Centered Technology is a call back to those times, before multi national corporate take-overs and many of the “Ma and Pa” stores were lost in the name of progress. By bringing back the values of caring for the customers needs, providing quality products at

a fair price, and providing opportunities for the community to thrive under these business practices, we establish a standard by which the tech industry can be held accountable as well as inspire innovation. For example App-centric peer to peer business like Uber and Airbnb are bringing back the entrepreneurial spirit on a local grassroots level, connecting with other customers in your community and bypassing corporate dealers.

Heart Centered Technology is based on a new paradigm model of cooperation instead of competition. Working together to create a new tomorrow, that not only will help with the advancement of business, culture and society in general, but also will promote the human values, of respect, caring and compassion, upon which all good business can be based. This will create a healthy and sustainable relationship with customers, which translates into profits.

The high tech movement can be a dream come true or our worst nightmare. It is up to us. This is a conversation that we all must have. Before we plow ahead in scientific advancements, we must ask ourselves about our moral and ethical position in all of this, before the technology that we create becomes like Frankenstein’s monster and destroys it’s creator. I know it sounds like science fiction, but unless we as one human family come to terms with and agree upon the best path to balance ethics and morality with the bottom line profit margin, we risk the future of our planet and all it’s inhabitants.

Prasad Paul Duffy is a visionary in the human potential movement. He gets his message out there as a playwright, filmmaker, music producer and as the author of the book DANCING AS THE INFINITE. Prasad  was  the founder of THE SOURCE SPIRITUAL CENTER and serves on the board of HEART CENTERED TECH in Los Angeles. www.heartcenteredtech.com

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